"Hi, what’s your name? This is too weird. Okay, slate, cut!" — Darren Criss, when starting his interview with girlfriend, Fox Producer Mia Swier, at the Teen Choice Awards. (X)

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Mia interviewing Darren on the TCA 2013 red carpet

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LucyHale: Prom pose. #TeenChoice

LucyHaleProm pose. #TeenChoice

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Darren Criss wore a black ribbon in Cory Monteith's honor at NYC "Girl Most Likely" premiere.
"Cory Monteith is a gentleman and a scholar. When anybody asks me if he’s a cool guy, I use those two words - Darren Criss."

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The finish line, the final song, and the final hit. 
It literally brings me to my knees. 
Even the teddy bear passed out. (x)

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